6 Alarming Signs Of Liver Damage That Should Scare You

Hilary Gowan


Liver is one of those organs that you need to stay alive. It does a really serious job of filtering all the crap from your blood and saving you from your terrible eating habits as well as food industry's willingness to put random chemicals in our food.

However, the liver can only take that much abuse. And since it has such an important function, you probably want to have it working non stop. Here are some symptoms that show up if your gut filter is having some issues. See the doc if you have them!



Turning yellow

If the whites of your eyes or your skin are turning yellow, this means that your liver can't process a yellowish substance called bilirubin. This symptom is called jaundice! Liver damage is caused by hepatitis, cancer, too much alcohol, ecstasy abuse, toxic substance exposure as well as various infections.



Changing Color Of Your Stool

Jaundice will also make your poop pale and your urine dark, so watch out for that.



You Start Itching

Itchy skin can be caused by liver disease (as well as kidney failure, thyroid issues and cancer). Itching usually affects the whole body, even if the skin doesn't look weird.



More Bruises

Liver produces proteins necessary for blood clotting, so people with damaged livers will bruise and bleed more easily.



You Swell

You might start to retain mater in your legs and abdomen when your liver starts slacking on its job, and that's how you get swelling.



No Signs At All?

Specialists say that up to half of those with liver diseases show no serious signs. They might have mild symptoms like fatigue, lack of drive and occasional itching.



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