Drug Smuggling Briton Jailed In Egypt Secretly Changed Prisons

Josephine Thompson


When Roberta Synclair traveled to Qena to meet her jailed daughter Laura Plummer – imprisoned for three years in Egypt for smuggling tramadol, a synthetic opioid drug that can only be prescribed by doctors and is considered the biggest drug problem in country – she found out that she had been transferred just after one night.

Laura's sister Jayne Synclair, 40, spoke to the press earlier that day: "Mum is absolutely distraught. She took this long taxi trip only to be told they had moved her again. It's mental torture."

Laura Plummer

The lawyer helped the family discover that Laura was held in Hurghada – the place where she was arrested at the airport for having 290 tramadol tablets in her bag – while the authorities determine where to put her.

Jayne Synclair, middle, is pictured with sister Laura, left, and mum Roberta, right

Her mother was able to visit her briefly before returning to the UK. The family is now hopeful that Laura will be able to carry out her sentence in a prison that's better than Qena.

This image is believed to show notorious Qena jail in Egypt

When Laura was sentenced for imprisonment, the court dismissed her argument that she was taking the pills to her husband Omar Abd El Azim Mohamed Saad, allegedly suffering from back pain.

Laura, left, brought the painkillers for Omar, right, who suffers from a bad back


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