Man Caught Racing At 145mph: Cops Shocked To Find Who Were His Passengers

Josephine Thompson


Australia is quite the deadly place, but not driving at 145mph(235km/h), especially when your kids aren't even wearing seat belts! However, this is what happened when police in central Victoria arrested a 28-year-old-man driving erratically down the highway at 5pm. He was driving a black Holden Commodore and more than twice over the speed limit.

The police even deemed him too dangerous to pursue – they caught him an hour later.


The culprit stopped at a car wash in Bendigo city. The car was immediately impounded. The police found three children in the backseat - including a baby - none of whom were wearing seat belts.


There was also a woman sitting in the passenger seat. The man is now being questioned by the police. He is expected to be charged with reckless conduct, speeding and other traffic offenses.



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