See What That Pinky Finger Of Yours Says About Your Personality

Josephine Thompson


What can your hands tell about you? Who knows, it's a mystery, but we can definitely determine if the person uses hand lotion, bites nails and other stuff like that. Unfortunately, that information is kinda useless, even if you're trying to sell it to the NSA. You have to be some sort of police procedural hero to glean any insightful information from that.

But we can get some information out of the pinky finger of your hand! Yes, it's the most useless finger, but its shape can still say a lot about you. What does it say exactly? There's only one way to find out, and that's by reading this researched, scientifically rigorous article on the subject!


Short pinky finger

If the tip of your pinky is below the top joint of your ring finger, you are likely to be shy and reserved. You also have big dreams that you're not brave enough to follow.


Even pinky finger

The top of your pinky finger being on the same level as the top joint of your ring finger indicates an even personality. You're balanced and mellow, and you tend to irritate or stress out.


Long pinky finger

A long pinky finger extends past the joint knuckle of your ring finger. It indicates a charming and very sociable. While your personality type is often sought after, you generally have to work harder than other personality types to prove that you are trustworthy and that you can be taken seriously.

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Low set pinky finger

For most of the folks out there, the base of the fingers seem to form a gentle semicircle when they look at their palms. And if your pinky is set well below the other fingers, then its a low-set pinky. It indicates that you live in a dream world. having many plans, but only a few of them ever coming to fruition.


Equal length pinky

If your pinky is the length of your ring finger, you're likely a power hungry, driven person, like a CEO or a celebrity.


Square pinky finger

If the tip of your pinky is a flat, horizontal line, it indicates that you are blunt and plainspoken. You have a hard time connecting with sensitive and easily offended people.


Pointed pinky finger

If you're pinky finger is pointed, you're likely an eloquent and diplomatic person. People like that tend of be public speakers and writers.


Curved pinky finger

If your pinky curves toward or away from other fingers, it shows fear of confrontation.


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