The Reason This Boy Came To School With Completely Frozen Hair Will Leave You Heartbroken

Oliver Brown


A kid from rural China is becoming an internet sensation after the pictures of his frozen hair started circulating social media. The boy had to walk 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) to school on a harsh winter morning. The boy walked for an hour in a -9 C (15.8 F) cold to sit in an exam in a small town in Shaotong, Yunnan Province in southern China.

Wang Fuman and is eight years old third-grade pupil who lives with his grandmother and elder sister in a bare mud house. His father is a migrant worker in another city. His mother had abandoned them both. There's no respite at his school, either, as the classroom is unheated.


The temperature had unexpectedly dropped on the morning of the exam. The classmates giggled at his funny looks, but the boy wasn't bothered by it. School headmaster claims that he's a hard-working student, gifted in maths. In fact, he received 99% on the exam he braved the cold to take!


Boy lives in a house made of mud

Fuman has frostbite on his hands from helping his grandmother do farm works. He hadn't seen his father for months and missed him dearly.


Wang Fuman has very cracked hands, because there is no heating in class


School gates



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